Wednesday, August 1, 2007

NL rankings

Now it's time to check out how the NL stands at the end of July.

1. Chicago -- The Cubs are the hottest thing since chipotle peppers.
2. Los Angeles -- The Dodgers better hope youngsters Kemp and Loney are the real deals.
3. N.Y. Mets -- Needing vintage Pedro in a hurry. Probably not gonna happen.
4. Arizona -- The kids need to keep hitting.
5. Atlanta -- John Schuerholz worked his traditional magic at the trade deadline.
6. Philadelphia -- No Utley, no problem. Well not yet.
7. Colorado -- Rockies are relevant in August. No that's not a misprint.
8. Milwaukee -- Brewers really can't handle prosperity.
9. San Diego -- Neither can Padres.
10. St. Louis -- Oh, if only Carpenter was healthy.
11. Florida -- Olsen's next stop the UFC?
12. San Francisco -- Hurry up and hit 755 and 756 Barry.
13. Pittsburgh -- The NL Central welcomes back Matt Morris.
14. Cincinnati -- Interesting moves at the deadline.
15. Houston -- Almost at rock bottom.
16. Washington -- Back home in the cellar.


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