Friday, June 8, 2007

Super regionals, Day 1

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are forcefully quieting their critics.

State, which many pundits thought didn't deserve to be in the NCAA Tournament, is one win away from a College World Series berth. And the Bulldogs did by beating the pitcher drafted No. 4 overall Thursday.

This may be a down year for the SEC in baseball, but it hasn't been a dark one.

Cinderella still lives in the tournament as Louisville -- yes Louisville -- needs one win to make its maiden trip to Rosenblatt Stadium. The Cardinals again proved good pitching beats good hitting by roping Oklahoma State 9-0.

Meanwhile, old standbys Rice and North Carolina rallied to win Game 1 of their respective Super Regionals at home. The Tar Heels and Owls were both victims of Oregon State's stunning CWS championship run a year ago and you can bet both teams want a happier ending in Omaha this year.


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