Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Race cards played in MLB

Less than two months ago baseball celebrated the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's breaking the color line. Now we've got Gary Sheffield taking shots at Latin players and Ozzie Guillen taking shots at MLB's steroid policy.

Seems like we'll never learn. Sheffield said Latin players were more easily "controlled" than black players, which explained why fewer blacks were in the majors now than at almost any time in the past. Now he says he's shocked at the stir his comments caused.

Sheffield's Latin teammates Carlos Guillen and Pudge Rodriguez came to his defense, but that doesn't make his comments right.

Same goes for Ozzie Guillen's comments regarding steroids. To be fair, Ozzie did make a video in Spanish to help young Latin players understand what they're dealing with. The number of Latin players suspended for steroids and other performance-enhancing substances is heavy compared to the rest of those suspended for steroid use. But Latins aren't alone.

I seem to recall several American and Asian players being on those suspended lists as well. But at least Ozzie is trying to do something about it, which puts him far ahead of Sheffield in my book.


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