Saturday, April 14, 2007

Athletes say the darndest things

Forgive Ole Miss shortstop Zack Cozart for having a Manny Ramirez moment this week. Entering this weekend's series against LSU, Cozart said the Rebels were thinking sweep.

Sorry, Zack, this is the SEC. For the most part, teams don't sweep at HOME, let alone on the road in one of the most tradition-laden parks in the country. Yeesh.

That's what college is for, though. You get out, well in theory, you get out the silly mistakes and slips of the tongue you wouldn't normally use in your adult life. It's just good to see that it works for college athletics as well as general college behavior.

-- It's Bizarro Weekend for the Northwestern State Demons so far. Ace Jimmy Heard gets rocked on Friday night by Texas-San Antonio in an 11-3 loss.

That brings us to Saturday. In their first four Southand Conference series, NSU was 0-4 in the second game, including some really ugly losses. So what happens Saturday? NSU shuts down the SLC's best team record-wise, beating the Roadrunners 5-1. Go figure.

Looks like the remnants of Friday the 13th were still kicking around San Antonio.


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