Monday, April 9, 2007

Astros finally dump Lidge

OK so Brad Lidge is still a Houston Astro. But at least he's not closing. Heck Phil Garner didn't even pitch him in the seventh or eighth inning Monday at Chicago.

This is a very proactive approach by Garner, but it's one he needs to stick with until new closer Dan Wheeler falters. Garner tried removing Lidge from the ninth inning on at least two occasions last year only to keep going back to Lidge about 48 hours later.

Wheeler has been a solid, solid setup man the last 2-plus seasons. This is the perfect time to see what kind of cajones Wheeler has and how his slider holds up.

At the very least it's seven games into the season. Maybe Lidge finds himself and the Astros can salvage something from him, either via trade or actual performance.


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