Friday, February 16, 2007

Another ex-Cap gone

Keith Foulke announced his retirement today and so ended another local link to the big leagues.

Foulke probably is best known for fielding the comebacker that ended the Boston Red Sox' 86-year World Series champoinship drought in 2004. He was expected to compete for the Cleveland Indians closer's job this year, but decided to retire because his body, racked by injuries the past two seasons, was not responding the way he wanted.

In 1996, Foulke was the Texas League Pitcher of the Year while with the Shreveport Captains. Now his major league career is over and with it goes another big league link to this area.

And since the Shreveport Swamp Dragons departed in 2002, it seems the good old days of watching future big leaguers here are farther and farther in our collective rear-view mirror.


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