Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hudson and Hudson

Louisiana Tech's Brandon Hudson earned the Western Athletic Conference Pitcher of the Week award on Monday and was an all-conference designated hitter last year.

Strange? Maybe a little, simply because most two-way guys in college baseball are starting pitchers or closers. Hudson really hasn't had a defined role in Ruston, though coach Wade Simoneaux expects him and Andrew Alsup to split the closer's duties this season.

Anyway, looking for a good comparison or career model for the Benton High product? How about another Hudson?

That's right, Atlanta Braves right-hander Tim Hudson. Both are slender 6-foot-or-so tall pitchers and both played two positions in college. And, though, Brandon Hudson probably won't match Tim Hudson's National Player of the Year award he won at Auburn, following his career path wouldn't be a bad thing at all.


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