Thursday, March 29, 2007

MLB predictions, part I

One upon a time, when space was more plentiful in the print edition of The Times, Scott Ferrell, Roy Lang III and myself would take our shots at predicting Major League Baseball's division champions and individual award winners.

Alas, those days are no more. But through the wonders of the Internet (and this blog), I still get a chance to take my best shot (in the dark) at picking the winners.

So I'll break out the old crystal ball (circa 2000 from The Vermilion, USL's student newspaper) and see what it says.

AL East champion: Boston. It's no secret I don't like the Yankees, but the Sawx have too much pitching for the Bombers.

AL Central champion: Detroit. See above and remember the Tigers added Gary Sheffield to an offense that lacked only consistency last year.

AL West champion: Oakland. Yes, everyone is picking the L.A./Anaheim/Orange County Angels, but I foresee too much Rich Harden and Huston Street for the Angels.

AL Wild Card winner: Minnesota. Johann Santana's back and so are the Piranhas and Terry Ryan is a maestro in the front office.

AL Division Series: Boston over Minnesota; Oakland over Detroit.
ALCS: Boston over Oakland.

AL MVP: David Ortiz. Boston's Big Papi finally gets his due.
AL Cy Young: Santana, assuming his left arm doesn't fall off.
AL Rookie of the Year: Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boston. Technically a rookie, but Dice-K has been as advertised in spring training. Non-Japanese professional division: Alex Gordon, Kansas City. He pushed Mark Teahen to left field and should get ample playing time with the Royals.


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